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Snippet Master Editor

Bakas IT Solutions provides you with login information in a letter once your site is live to enable you to edit your website using an FTP Program and HTML Editor. You can also opt to have a web based editor installed, which is very easy to use.

Notice: We have recently started using new editing sorftware for our newer websites. Older sites will sitll be using Snippet Master.

Snippet Master Editor

Beginners Guide to Snippet Master - (PDF - 593Kb)

Please Note: If available always use the "blue" editable files and not the"red" whole files when editing your website!
For technical support please refer to the official Snippet Master website.

Veolay Editor

There is curently a delay on licences for the new editing software, as we are waiting on a new version to be released with several important bug fixes.

If you urgently need editing software installed, we have a limited number of old Snippet Master licences available. Please send through a request for the old editing software to be installed, to it@bakasit.com.au

Getting Started with Veolay - (PDF - 345Kb)

For technical support please refer to the official Veolay support website.

If you require further assistance we can provide you with basic 1 on 1 training in this software for a small fee.

If you do not have an editor installed, but would like the ability to edit your website, you can request it to be activated by sending an email to it@bakasit.com.au with your Company Name, Domain Name and a request for the editor to be activated.

Resizing Images

When you take a photo with your camera the photo you take is a very large size. You need to make it ready for the internet by reducing its size before you upload it and put it onto your website. Bakas IT Solutions recommends Irfanview if you do not currently have an image editing program.

Download Irfanview via this link
Download our Irfanview guide (PDF - 1.65Mb)

Please Note: Save files only as [yourfilename].jpg
If the image/photo file name ends with something other than .jpg your image will not show up in the editor.

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