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Q: Why canít I find my website in Google?

  1. You may not have provided us with keywords. We ask you to give us suggestions of what you think your customers would type into a search engine to find your company before we submit your site.
  2. You may not have been accepted into Google yet. One some occasions it can take up to two months for your site to be indexed.
  3. Try searching for your whole domain. If you can see your site when searching for your exact domain, but not with a keyword of your choice then please refer to our detailed information below about why you may not be on the first page in search results.
We make no guarantees about where you will be ranked in search engines like Google, however we can help you submit your keywords for the first time. If you require further help with Internet Marketing we can recommend an expert who can help you.

Q: How do I know when Google has listed my site?

You can check by searching for your domain name in google. For example Bakas IT Solutions would go to the Google Search Engine and type "bakasit.com.au" into the search bar.

Q: Why canít you make my website #1 on Google?

The hardest part for those of us in the website industry is how to somehow positively spin the fact that nobody can guarantee results. There are many factors to a high ranking natural search result and these change weekly meaning that a website that may be ranked number one with a certain keyword may not even make top 20 for the same keyword a week later.

The only way to guarantee your position is to utilise Googleís Paid Advertising Campaigns. If you require further help with Internet Marketing we can recommend an expert who can help you.

You and Google

So you have just created your first website and you are eager to start receiving new sales leads via Google. How do you make your website visible on search engines?

There are two ways to be found in search engines like Google, and depending on oneís sales and marketing objectives, in general a combination of the two can be most effective.

Natural Search Rankings

The first way is through a "natural" or "organic" search. This involves Search Engine Optimisation and is ideal for businesses who wish to establish industry prominence and brand leadership as well as being an ongoing and long term solution.

To achieve a high ranking natural search you need to decide on keywords and phrases which are inserted into the programming of your site. After Bakas IT Solutions have developed your site they ask you to determine words which you believe your customers would use to search for your products. Focus on terms that you would use to find a similar product. You could also examine what your high ranking competitors are using. Also be aware of common typos and misspellings of key phrases relevant to your industry as you may be surprised how often this occurs. Above all, relevance to your products and your website is the key.

Apply the concept of word-of-mouth marketing to the Internet by requesting reciprocal links from other reputable sites. Your ranking is also based on how many other sites have had visitors click from their website to yours.

Once changes to your Search Engine Optimisation have been made it can take three to six months to deliver search engine rankings in a natural search.

Search Engines change the way that they index and rank websites regularly which means that you may appear top 5 on some days and not within the first twenty on other days for the same key phrases. Persistence, regular updates and relevant content are the keys to a successful website which works for you.

Keywords and Website Relevance

A thousand words are better than one flashy graphic. While it is important that your website maintain the visual appearance that is key to grasping your customerís attention, it is also important to provide relevant text-based content. A search engine can only see the text that is on your website. The right kind of content is relevant and consistent with your products and services. Usually this is also the type of information your clients would be looking for as well.

A good way to assess this is to think whether your content is talking about the keywords you are trying to target. A nice blurb about the history of your company may not be as relevant to your customers (and the search engines) as a concise blurb about the types of products and services your company offers today.

Paid Search Listing

Sponsored links and pay-per-click advertising can take as little as one week to set up and launch. Paid search can deliver immediate results and is a cost-effective way of driving targeted traffic to a website quickly.

The maximum daily cost can be controlled by you making it an affordable way to drive targeted traffic to your website.

Find out more information from Google AdWords.

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