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Existing Clients Email Setup
Bakas IT Solutions provides you with login information for the email addresses you have requested. If you would like and additional email account setup, please send your request through to our support team. Please include the following details:
  • Your company name
  • Your domain name
  • The email account your wish to have setup
In order to start receiving emails on your computer you need to set up your email client.

What you need to know when setting up your mail client
USERNAME: Your FULL email address
PASSWORD: Your password
Older mail clients will require you to fill out the INCOMING and OUTGOING mail server settings manually.
INCOMING MAIL SERVER: mail.yourdomain.com.au
OUTGOING MAIL SERVER: Check with your ISP (Internet Service Provider)
NOTE: Your mail client may at first try and find an encryped connection. When it fails to find one, tell it to continue anyway, and it will search for an unencrypted connection.

Basic Mail Setup Guides
Microsoft Express 6
Mozilla Thunderbird
Apple Mail
iPhone/iPad Mail Setup [ Visual Guide]

Problems? Before you call: Test to see if you can log into your webmail.
If you CAN, chances are you need to check your username and password settings and ensure you have followed the instructions correctly.
If you CANNOT, and you have double checked your username and password, chances are there is a problem with your internet. If you can access other internet sites such as google there may be a problem we can resolve for you.

In some cases, due to the nature of computers, we may not be able to help you over the phone. If there are no server-side technical problems with your email then you may need to contact a professional to come and set up your email accounts for you.

Common Errors and how to fix them

Question: What is my username/password/mail server?
The username is the whole email address.
The password is provided by Bakas IT when your email account is created.
Your incoming mail server is mail.[yourdomain.com.au].
Your outgoing mail server is dependant on your Internet Service Provider.
The comprehensive step-by-step guide will show you these details and where to put them in Microsoft Outlook.

Problem: I keep getting asked to input my password.
Solution: Double check the spelling of your username and password. Your username is always your full email account and your password is the email password that Bakas IT provided you.

Problem: I can receive emails, but cannot send mail.
Solution: Check your Outgoing SMTP setting. It should relate to your internet service provider. ie. If your internet is through Telstra Bigpond, your outgoing SMTP server is mail.bigpond.com

Problem: My email just stopped working and won't send or receive.
Solution: Can you access your website and webmail?
If yes... and you can log into your webmail wait an hour and try again.
If no... can you access other websites such as google? If you cannot access any websites ensure your internet is connected properly or contact your ISP.
If you can see other websites, but cannot load your own website ensure your domain has not expired. Click to check your domain and ensure the "status" says "OK" and does not say "Server Hold (Expired)". If you do not see any results double check your domain name, but it may have been expired for longer than 1 month.

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