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Over the last few weeks, Melbourne IT, one of the biggest registrars of Australian domains began to move its domain database to another Melbourne IT controlled company, TPP Wholesale. Bakas IT, together with a myriad of other website hosts, have found that the transition was far from smooth and that many domains were migrated with no zone files. What this means is that your website and emails cannot be found by others,nor accessed by you even though your website and emails still exist on the Bakas IT servers. Dozens of other Web hosting providers like us have also been affected.


If your website and or emails are affected, plase email us at
and we will contact Melbourne IT on your behalf for them to rectify the situation. Again, we understand your frustration and will work with the domain registrar (Melbourne IT) to rectify the situation. Thank you for your understanding

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Bakas IT Solutions has been providing a full range of IT services, including network infrastructure, hardware, software and web design solutions, to business and education sectors, and individuals since 1997.

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